We specialize in print design…but also are available for fine-art projects such as signs, cartoons, illustrations and web design. We also do copyediting and writing. We competitively price each job according to its complexity. The value gained from hiring a professional graphic design group to either upgrade or invent the best possible print and/or web image for you is immense.

Ameriart has been serving customers in Missouri for more than seven years.

Owner’s Experience: More than 17 year’s experience in Graphic Design and Journalism. Started out as media relations person for the Better Business Bureau, then was assistant editor for two monthly magazines before becoming creative director with the same company. I began designing with Quarkxpress 3.3, Photoshop 4, Pagemaker 6, BB Edit, Dreamweaver and Illustrator 6. Now I am working with Creative Suite 4.0. Strong copyediting, conceptualizing, and designing skills. I believe in excellence of product and demand the same from my design team. I teach college courses in Design and Public Speaking.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Journalism with Mass Media minor; Master of Communication

Please contact us for more information regarding your next print, web, fine art or writing project.